About Ocean 7

Ocean 7 is the flagship station base for WeatherVision, which has offered TV stations across the US custom TV weather product since 1991. WV invented the TV weathercast via satellite model in 1990 and is still producing today and delivering via FTP to our affiliates servers.

The Ocean 7 Studios is connected by fiber to all national television networks. FOX, MSNBC. NBC, CBS, ABC and all major news outlets have used sister studio Jackson Teleport’s live shot capabilities for decades, now Ocean 7 TV on the coast is connected as well. The Jackson Teleport was the first and still only Teleport connecting the major news networks to the Capitol City of Mississippi. Now the coast is connected too.

Primary Channel 7.1 over the air and via Sparklight Cable on HD Ch 1001 and U-Verse Ch 7. Ocean 7 TV offers 7 channels over the air. With our primary channel 7.1  delivering a mix of Baby Boomer TV (Antenna TV) and local productions and vintage films.

Our Sub-Channels deliver diverse programming

  • 7.2 Grit TV
  • 7.3 SonLife Network
  • 7.4 LAFF TV
  • 7.5 Court TV
  • 7.6 Mystery TV

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Some Of Our


About WeatherVision

WeatherVision is currently embedded in its flagship station, Ocean 7 TV in the Biloxi, Mississippi Market. It provides the daily Ocean 7 TV weathercasts and produces and distributes daily TV weathercasts to 30 other stations across the US daily.

TV stations that want to save a fortune each year on talent, equipment and monthly fees use the WeatherVision service… it’s seamless and gives stations that don’t do newscasts a “NEWS” product that they can partner a sponsor with. WeatherVision is a 30 second weathercast tied to a branded 30 second weather advertiser. Stations that have a weather department use the service as fill in, or interim weathercast service.

History of WeatherVision

WeatherVision- The Teleport in Jackson, Mississippi accomplished two things within the context of modern broadcasting. The first was to produce local TV weather from a remote studio for a local station anywhere in the country, then satellite uplink that weathercast to the station daily, a pioneering achievement in 1990.

The Jackson Teleport is a by-product of the weather project, the satellite uplink was the first public-private general use Teleport in Mississippi. To the national media it became the “Jackson Teleport”, thus opening up comprehensive coverage from Mississippi’s state capitol for the first time on an ad-hoc basis. FOX, NBC, CNN, CBS and ABC all became customers and still are today. The Jackson Teleport started as an analog Ku satellite uplink and transitioned to digital then finally to the fiber used today for live studio transmissions from Jackson to all national media.